Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Went swimming plus tanning with Valerie and Jennifer
my bitches ;)

woah the sun was damn damn hot today
good good,skin colour sure alot darker now :D

Went IKEA to eat cause it was meatball tuesday!!

10 for $4 :D
the last time i came here to eat meatballs was with my bunkmates
aww how time flies,i miss them so much
oh and finally recieved the freshmen booklet from NTU!
schools gonna start in august :D
can't wait!!
oh and i might be going Taiwan for holiday
damn excited!!!

ive only been to a few countries before
Hong Kong,Malaysia and Japan
i wanna go Japan again!

i like this shirt alot,too bad its my sister's
and she wants it back
hahaha awww

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