Monday, June 6, 2011


hmm hmm
went rollerblading with Nuh at Pasir Ris Park again!
im getting alot better at it :)
pretty soon id be rollerblading like a pro!
this is nuh,
he teaches me how to rollerblade :)

we took a stroll at Tampines Eco Park
it was so nice!!!
it makes you feel so immersed in nature
but the thing is,there wasn't any lights
thus when it got dark,
we both panicked and hurried out of there
the place looked really creepy at night
trust me.

anyways,been busy helping out at my dad's stall
its finally open!!
located at Blk823A,Tampines street 81,Food Park
its just opposite Temasek Polytechnic
do come down and try my dad's awesome dishes!
We have Grilled Salmon with Teriyaki/Black Pepper Sauce,
Saba Fish,Sliced Fish Soup and Deep Fried Fish Soup!!

yum yum!!
heres dad preparing the freshly delivered salmon

so much hard work!

oh oh
and i finally managed to find the sunglasses that i wanted
$19.90,from Uniqlo.
i like it alot!

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