Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Weekends Are Finally Here!

Met up with Alvin,Leonard,Leslie,Siong Yong,Ted and Rozann
had chicken rice at Far East Plaza,

haha i never knew there was food at the highest level,
didn't went up to that level before lol.
We then made our way to Coffee Bean at the Forum

it was so nice seeing them again
chatting about all the silly things
and the jokes about each other
which we never grew tired of
haha i miss them so much!

After which i made my way to Phuture to meet up with
Valerie and Jennifer!

got off at the wrong bus stop thus i had to walk quite a distance!
haha and when i got there,
the queue was long!
after queuing for quite some time,
i was finally nearing the entrance
and then the staff came out and told us the guy tickets are sold out.'ve no idea how depressing that sounds.
haha thankfully i still managed to get in with the help of my friends!
danced all night with 3 girls
hahaha lucky me :p
Couldn't really move much
cause i kept getting pushed by others on the dancefloor.
Its so childish how they think its funny to push others on purpose
and a few fights happened but we still continued dancing

All in all,
it was a fun night and i enjoyed myself :D

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