Friday, January 27, 2012

CNY!! gong xi gong xi

so busy during CNY!
busy eating that is :p
the lobsters was so shiok,
i ate soooo much of it hahahaha
this year we didn't have shark's fin,
although i kinda miss the delicious broth,
i was happy to give it up :)

and of course,
with holidays comes homework.
went to cut out petals from film negatives,
and sticking them together to form flowers
its actually rather simple.
and you'd only need a few items.

film negatives,scissors,tweezers and super glue
and you're ready to begin!
heres the end results!

ohoh and we went to test print our silkscreen prints
and im so glad my design came out the way i wanted it to be!
so happyyyyy!!!! :D :D :D

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