Thursday, January 12, 2012

Say no to shark fin soup!

Chinese New Year is less than a month away!
My dad would prepare a feast for the entire family :D
and every year we will definitely have Shark's Fin Soup
it tastes amazing and we'd always look forward to it.

but when i read about the movement against eating shark's fin
and after watching this video,
i thought about it and what he said makes complete sense.
shark's fin is really tasteless,the flavour comes from the broth and not the fin.
and to de-fin a shark and throwing it back into the sea is equivalent to a death sentence.

it never really occurred to me how this tasty bowl of shark fin soup came about
but now that i think about it,its really selfish of us.

thus i approached my dad
and asked if we could skip the shark's fin soup
or maybe just replace it with something else
and he agreed :)

hopefully it will help!

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