Sunday, February 26, 2012


went to Tampines SAFRA for my IPPT
first time taking it since i ORDed
been procastinating it for more than a year now..
i was so nervous that i woke up at 7am when the reporting time was at 10am.
arrived at EnergyOne gym at 9:45am,
there were many other candidates already present
almost 40 plus people

we began with the Standing Broad Jump
after which was my most feared station,the Pull Up Bar!!
i was sweating profusely while waiting for my turn :O
i mounted the bar and off i go
managed to do 8 pull ups!!
felt like i could've done abit more but i didn't want to waste my energy
still have other stations to go
i can't believe it,i did 8!
such a huge accomplishment for me
considering how i used to fail during NS..
the rest of the stations were a breeze :)

finally we went to the treadmills in the gym
where regardless of what speed you secure they'd just award you a 2 points,
the minimum required to pass
but running at a constant speed 12 and incline 2 on the treadmill was soooo tiring!!

after all that hardwork,
i finally managed to clear my IPPT!!
such a huge burden off my chest!
phew! :D :D

shall try for the monetary one next IPPT ;)

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