Monday, February 6, 2012

Insectopia final poster

Silkscreen print on brown paper
1.78m x 0.8m

Often when we see an insect,
our first instinct is to reach for the closest object capable of inflicting damage,
or best, kill it.
Did It ever occur to us that it has a life of it’s own?
It probably meant no harm
and all it wanted was to gather some food and make its way home,
unfortunately it crossed path with us,

In my poster, i wanted to place ourselves in their shoes.
Having us as the victim,
having nothing to fend ourselves
but the tool stained with their blood.

managed to get an A+ for this assignment which came as a huge surprise to me :D
my bestie Juu helped me alot in this assignment! THANK YOU!!!

oh and these were my teacher's comments.
she is so encouraging! :D

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