Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 10th,2012

went to Bugis with Juu and Shane to buy some art materials
while on the train, we saw this adorable baby!!
hahaha his expression was too cute to resist!
its rare for me to call a baby cute cause i get annoyed by them easily.
however,this was an exception!
too cute hahaha

After which we bid farewell to our beloved Juu and went to buy paper from Fancy Paper!
we were spoilt for choice, so hard to decide on which kind of paper to use :/
selected a few pieces and went to do some test prints
the results turned out nice! heng ah

Shane then brought me to try the famous Ah Lian Bee Hoon!
turns out that i've been to the hawker centre a few times but ive never tried out that stall!
super funny how he was scolded by the food vendor,hahahahahaha!!
now we know how the nickname came about :p

All in all,
it was a nice break from the hectic schedule!
However its time to continue on my 2D and 3D final semester projects!!
oh btw! i love how instagram removes my eye bags hahahahaha!! :p

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