Friday, April 20, 2012

what a busy week!!

Went over to Shane's place to help out with book binding!
it was my first time trying to bind a book as well!
it was a fun experience and learnt alot from it,
haha now i know how to bind my own book!

so focused on his work hahahaha!
the final cut!

the next morning we took the same train to school
and i was still rushing out my papercut box on the train ahahhaha
managed to complete it though,what a relief!
Juu presenting her 2D publication book!

after presenting our 2D works,
we went down to work on our 3D kinetic tracer!
im so glad that majority of the contraption worked!!
a pity that it got stuck at the last part!! so close :/
im glad its over though!!!
check out how much material we brought! hahahaha

went to Men Ichi at Jurong Point to have ramen!!
it was so yummy!! :D
everything tasted better after the submissions :p
mini celebratory lunch with Juu!

now all that's left is my Art History and Man or Machine theory papers!
shall rest first!

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