Thursday, May 17, 2012

Satay and Dogs :p

Met up with Juu and Shane to makan at Old Airport Road!
Shane said that the tau huey there was superb!
heard about it from others too,
but im the kind that avoid queues thus i never tried it :p
i wanted to share with my family thus i bought 7 at one go :) heehee

the thing i love about hawker centres is the variety of food at affordable prices
and the taste is not compromised!
We ordered Oyster Omelette,Carrot Cake,Wanton Mee
Ooo and happen to chance upon this stall, Chuan Kee Satay!
they have awesome satay!!
ordered chicken and pork, it was soooooo yummy!!!!!!!!
probably the best satay i ever had
but be warned,the waiting time can be quite long :p

Chuan Kee Satay
After which, Shane drove us to Juu's place
we waited as Juu went to fetch her dog,Ziggy!
as soon as Ziggy met us,
he began sprinting around placing his paws on us
and even landed a kiss on me!
hahahaha i felt his tongue :O
he's so adorable!
feel like dognapping him
muahahahahaha >:D
Shane trying to keep Ziggy still to pose for the camera hahaha


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