Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Monday,11 June 2012

Went to Lydia, my ex neighbour's wedding on Sunday!
it was held at Grand Corpthorne Hotel :D
my most lasting impression of them was the time we played HDB catching,
where we had to climb stairs and take lifts
within a few destinated blocks to catch one another XD
ever since they moved away, life was pretty quiet...
one by one all my childhood friends all moved out of Pasir Ris :/
oh wells  #foreveralone

ahhh how time flies!!
we are all grown ups now heehee
wishing them all the best and forever bliss :D

Went out to Sembawang Shopping Centre earlier today with Stan!
he told me "Eh i bring you SSC, its a very pathetic mall but the food there not bad"
hahahaha how tempting eh = =

we had Astons for dinner!! really really yummy chicken :D

After which we went to Sembawang Library to check out some game illustration books!
ahh looking at the artworks makes me feel like drawing as well ><

All in all,other than the humid weather,
it was an awesome day! :D

model potential eh ;D

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