Monday, July 23, 2012

a day with Juu!

Juu came over to Pasir Ris!! 
we went collecting branches for our photoshoot project! 
i was on a constant lookout for potential branches these few days while jogging! 
We took trash bags and went collecting under the sweltering weather!
poor Juu couldn't fully appreciate the beauty of nature
as she was melting under the hot sun hahaha, felt so bad ><
bagful of fallen branches! :D

haha we looked as if we were doing Corrective Work Order :p

The place i grew up in! :D

check out the size of it! :O

We then started on another of our mini projects, which is a hemp lamp! 
haha we underestimated the amount of glue we needed thus we couldn't finish it!
arghhhh partly because we couldnt find a smaller sized beach ball.. 
but at least we were getting somewhere :) 

oh and btw! do check out her DIY blog, Operation Overhaul
lotsa pretty stuff that you can make yourself :D
share it with your friends if you like what you see!

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