Thursday, July 19, 2012


Went swimming with Stan at Pasir Ris SRC!
love swimming on weekdays
the pool is practically empty
no pesky kids
ahh...peace and quiet ^^
im badly in need of a tan - -

We then went over to IKEA for lunch!
out of nowhere, there was this huge downpour
thankfully we've already left the pool
if not we'd been stuck there for hours :O
There were quite a number of people at IKEA
we were starvingggggg
grabbed 20 meatballs, smoked salmon and Fish&Chips!
we even went for second round~
means 40 meatballs! omg hahaha
but their meatballs are so out of shape..
oh wells heehee still nice anyways

what a spread! :D
after satisfying our cravings,
we went to take a stroll around IKEA
like a typical Singaporean who has nothing to do :p
spent a longgg time at the frames section
trying to decide which frames look best with my paintings ><
hahaha poor Stan had to wait and wait for me to decide
got ourselves ice cream! yummms

50cents ice cream!!! 
All in all it was a pleasant day!
aside from the random torrential rain o.o
really happy with my purchase! heehee

wooden frames at $6.90 each! 

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