Saturday, July 14, 2012

sketchy sketch :)

my sketch of Maxwell Chambers! the old Jinricksha Station ^^
Met up with Stan to do some drawing today! 
haha we sat at McDonalds for freaking long :p 
the air con was directly above us 
but we both refused to move our seats hahaha
the only way to keep ourselves warm was to keep drawing! 
(apparently it worked)

i kept ordering food, especially the 20 piece McBites
they were mini chicken nuggets, loved it ^^
i think we had a total of 60 Chicken McBites :O~

all in all, it was quite a fruitful day
gonna start my new watercolour piece soon!
can't wait! :D
look at how focused he is o.o
4 hours,60 mac bites,2 drinks,cinnamon melts,mac wings and fries later.. IT IS DONE!!
so proud of him ^^

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