Wednesday, August 29, 2012

its 11:13PM now,
i really shouldn't be blogging as i've got a quiz the next morning
which i've yet to finish studying for :/
oh wells

It's only the third week of school and im already feeling so stressed out
perhaps it's because im totally out of my comfort zone..
this semester is so alien to me,
Astronomy,Sports Marketing,3D production,Maya..
all of these things that i've never came in contact with before
and it feels as though im back to kindergarten level
whereas everyone around me are already so advanced..

We had a live drawing session on tuesday,
well at least one course that didnt made me feel so useless..
but even still, i know i have alot of catching up to do and its really daunting :'(
Charcoal drawing on two A2 paper

Aniw, enough of depressing stuff
went Sakae Sushi for buffet earlier today!
haha it was a random call
just had cravings for japanese food :p
the sushi on the conveyor belt wasn't that alluring though
its much better to order from the menu :)
abit pricey but nevertheless it was a good meal!

Sushi Buffet with Stan!
:D nom nom nom

okay back to studying :<

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