Sunday, October 28, 2012

Virgin Halloween!!

Met up with Stan in the morning to have breakfast!
after which i went back home to search online for halloween costume ideas
there were Vampires, Star Wars Characters, Zombies
spoilt for choices! i then looked around to see what i have at home
noticed that i still have the branches which i used for the photoshoot
felt it was a pity to just throw them away
thus i tried to think of what i can do with it
the twigs reminded me of spider legs,
thus the idea of doing the Facehugger came to my mind!

i started breaking the twigs into smaller pieces
after which i used masking tape to connect them together.
i then went to get a toilet roll, cut a few holes at both sides
inserted the legs and secured it with tape.
i had to find a way to attach it to my face without it falling off
tried using spectacles but it was too heavy
then i just tried tying the legs together using an elastic band
and it worked!
the final process was to give a coat of paint
kinda rushed so didnt really paint it properly hahaha
Attaching the legs..

taping them together...
painting it..
And its done! :D

After which PengFong drove to pick up Shane, Juu and Myself!
Had a quick dinner at Central@Clarke Quay
haha the bowl for the ramen was HUGE.
Mother of Bowls O.O

After the dinner, we found a quiet spot in the mall and started to work on our facepaint!
Peng Fong and Shane graciously volunteered their faces for me to paint on hahaha
i seldom get to paint the entire faces, thus im very glad that they were willing to let me try hahaha

After a long while...
these were the results!
meet the zombie boys, Shane and PengFong!

Hahaha the both of them were very amused by their own faces
My Costume for the night hahaha
Juu dressed up as Pebbles from Flintstone!

We then went to walk around Clarke Quay area
we were so surprised to see the number of people that were dressed up for halloween!
haha didn't expect there to be so many of them :)))
and i recieved quite a few compliments regarding my Facehugger!!
some even wanted to take photos with me
hahaha i was smiling behind the mask ^^

After which we sat down by the river and drank Vodka with Apple Juice!
had a little chat before heading home
Juu looked so sleepy
and Shane was drunk, murmuring alot of nonsense
which was extremely hilarious
haha never seen that side of him before hahahaha
all in all,
it was a fun night, so glad that they could make it!
heehee our Virgin Halloween Experience ;D

Happy Halloween!

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