Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Recess week!

recess week is here!!
arghhh but the workload is overwhelming
have to use this time to catch up on all the lectures and readings
aniw, had this urge to pack my room
thus i took out everything and had them rearranged
threw away ALOT of things!
almost 3 trash bags full of stuff :O
felt so much better after cleaning up my room! ^^
Before and After! :D

dedicated the top shelf to my rilakkumma merchandise! :D :D :D
oh and im gonna do a photoshoot soon!
my personal project heeeheee
haha and nope im not the model
not photogenic :p


Anonymous said...

how are you not photogenic? 不要欺骗自己

yaokhuan said...

>< i feel like i only look good in photos that i took of myself, from a certain angle. or perhaps its just because of my low self esteem :/
maybe some day! :D