Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hello Rilakkuma!

Went for a swim earlier this morning
one of the rare days where it didn't rain!
haven't really been exercising much lately
and i needed a tan badly :p
haha look at how pale i am!
When i came back
i noticed these two parcels on my sofa
and in my mind i was like "COULD IT BE??"
upon seeing my name on the address
i immediately ripped open the packages
and TADAA!! my eBay purchases have arrived!!
i was rather surprised that the tablet pen arrived so quickly
i made my order on Thursday and it only took one day to arrive at my doorstep o.o

Rilakkuma Macbook Sticker and Intuos4 Grip Pen!

aniw, i was really happy to see the Rilakkuma sticker!
been looking forward to it for quite some time! :D
went to clean the surface of my Macbook and carefully pasted it down
it was very simple ^^
just when i was about to throw the remains of the sticker,
i thought it'd be such a waste
thus i went to get a penknife
cut out some grass shape
and added it to my Macbook cover! :D
Im very happy with the results! ^_____^

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