Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cable Skiing at Batam!

Left the house early to meet up with Shane and Juu at Harbour Front!
Got our tickets and we hopped on board a ferry named Sindo Princess

It was a rather fast trip to Sekupang, Batam!
We then took a mini bus to our destination, Waterfront City Resort :D
After which we put on our life jackets and went for kneeboarding first!
haha it was damn thrilling! the speed was quite fast!
and the only thing on your mind would be to hold on to the handle
trying not to fall into the water
the tension of the rope was soooooo strong!
it would lax awhile before it gives a crazy strong tug
and thats when majority of us will fall into the water hahaha
i feel a great sense of achievement 
that i managed to complete 2 whole rounds before landing in the water
not bad for a first try right?
ughh but my arms were aching right after!

We then took a break and had a sumptuous meal
the food there was not bad :)
and we even got to play with a baby monkey!
her name is Dora, her mother died 
and she was too young to fend for herself

thankfully a kind old lady took her in
and took care of her as though she was her own
it was so heartwarming
watching the way the old lady interacted with the monkey.
the baby monkey was so gentle
she'd lightly hold on to your finger with her tiny hands
never had a chance to play with a monkey before
the wild ones are wayyyy to fierce

After the break,
we went back for more action
haha this time all of us 
(there were other Singaporeans, all around our age, some even friends of Shane!)
decided to try the more advanced boards
hahaha this is were all of us just kept faceplanting
it was hilarious!!
im quite glad most of us were beginners
there was nothing to be embarrassed about
and the face that they were around our age,
made us feel comfortable and much chat with
after several hours of attempts and faceplants
we were exhausted!
and decided it was time to call it a day
had a nice shower and there was a mini van to bring us back to Sekupang Ferry Terminal
haha we just K.O.ed on the ferry ride back

all in all,
it was an awesome trip!
everything went smoothly
and it was really fun!! never knew i had the guts to try it out hahahahaha
im glad i did ^^
will definitely visit there again
hopefully with more friends!!

took a short video :)

and heres the website if you're interested!

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