Monday, February 11, 2013


feeling so unproductive lately,
no mood to do work cause the work that our teacher gave is so ridiculously useless.
but i know id have to attempt it sooner or later.
and ive absolutely no mood for CNY this year
no visiting or whatsoever
feeling terribly fat and ugly that i don't want to face the world
just wanna lock myself up at home
want to rant so badly
thus im just spilling out all my unhappiness here,
i hate this feeling
i hate it when people tell me that ive gained weight
really, id remember it for life
ive been fat before and yes the scar is still there
i don't need you to spread salt on my wounds thank you very much
bah im gonna disappear from facebook for the time being
*as if anybody cares*

sheesh,so much emoness in one post.

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