Monday, February 4, 2013


been working on a new watercolour painting
planned to do it during last december
but..Guild Wars yeah hahahaha
anyway trying out a different way of painting for this piece
its kinda like how id approach acrylic paint
so basically im just stacking layers and layers of watercolour
kinda pleased with how its turning out though
hope i don't screw it up like my last piece
painting in the flesh tones

work in progress!


yaokhuan said...
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Anonymous said...

fuck shit forgot to go anon

Anonymous said...

What kind of brushes are those? they look fancy

yaokhuan said...

hmm they are pen brushes, you can fill it up with water. good for outdoor sketches and stuff, but i use it cause i like to hold my paintbrushes like a pen haha. can get them at art friend :)