Saturday, April 20, 2013

Applied Drawing Final Painting!!

Met up with Shane on Tuesday to buy materials at ArtFriend!
bought a couple of paintbrushes, spray paint, wooden boards, palette knife..
and it cost us a total of $121 O.O
lugging the heavy boards all the way to school
we began working on our panoramic artwork!
started by painting a black base for all the boards
it was exhausting :O
Shane painting the river black hahaha
my ammo!
I then took out my existing stash of acrylic paints and tried to paint something out,
but it didn't look good at all
we wasted several hours trying to figure things out
until we decided to just go out and have a break.
but when we came back, everything seemed clear!
we were back on track and everything went very smoothly :D
finally managed to come up with something decent :D
shane's spaceship lookin' good!

We then decided to call it a day
and went back home to have a mini celebratory supper
we then went to Drive 1 to have Bar Chor Mee!
after living in Pasir Ris for almost all my life,
i never knew that they had such yummy noodles!

the pork ribs was really yummy

We then went back again on thursday night to do some final touches to our paintings
Shane had to use spray paint thus we formed this barricade to shield Peng Fong from 'the blast'
haha it served its purpose rather well :)
hahaha our barricade
we had to scour the entire art room for random objects to use as stencils
it was tough using spray paint as the results were rather unpredictable
The entire process took so much longer than expected :O
but after countless hours, it was finally complete!
our perseverance paid off woohooooo!!

adding details

Shane with his very first painting!!!
I think it looks damn awesome!!

And this is my final painting! :D
together with all the random sketches we did in class ^^
After which we had a short 40minutes nap before it was time to present our works!
hahaha we were like zombies, our eyes could barely open
but thats a norm when it comes to finals hahaha
we had yummy cupcakes! courtesy of our teacher Davis Vu
it was awesome to see what everybody came up with
each with their own distinct style!
haha and we had to promote our works to our teacher
and it was sure nerve-wracking!
Thankfully Shane gave me some valuable tips
i think i did quite well despite my nervousness! :D

After everyone has presented,
it was time to take photos!!
hahahaha the bubbly Jeanette went around to all our works to pose
and i was the photographer hahahaha
gosh we had such a good time laughing ourselves silly

And last but not least, a mini group photo with our favorite teacher Davis Vu!!
(hes the one in yellow if you're wondering)
hope to keep in touch with him, so inspiring :')
It was definitely an enjoyable experience :) gonna miss it!

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