Tuesday, April 2, 2013

To-do List

Ahh i've so much things to do, i'm gonna try listing down all of them before i forget!
okay hmm starting from the highest priority

  • Drawn Animation 4-legged Walk Cycle (25th March)
  • Creative Industries Group Presentation+Filming (25th March)
  • Stop Motion Walk Cycle + Build Candy House! (25th March: Overdue)
  • Creative Industries Individual Paper (1 pager) (26th March: Overdue)
  • Nanyang Chronicles Interview (26th March)
  • Erin Brockovich Movie Review (29th March)
  • Blood Diamond Movie Comment (5th April)
  • Ethics Group Work+Discursive Essay (overdue but can't be bothered)
  • Applied Drawing Sketchbook
  • Sunflower Project Painting (personal)
  • Model Photoshoot (personal)
  • Drawn Animation Weight & Gravity Final (22nd April)

Oh btw I just did a few paintings for Catalog Magazine
I think they'll be in April's Issue!
I'm very excited about it, 
can't wait to see my works in a magazine for the first time!

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