Monday, September 16, 2013

Sappy September

Hello readers!!
Ah it's been such a long time since i typed out a proper blog post
been rather lazy due to the other social media such as Instagram
and ugh all the school work are starting to pile up!
but nevertheless i feel that I should make it a point to update my blog

so here's what has happened in my life
first of all, our dear Shane has finally flew to Germany!
(that was 16 days ago actually hahaha)
It was such a bittersweet feeling
for one i'm happy that he is going to somewhere new and fun
and yet the other side of me i just can't bear to see him leave
it's just too saddening for me i guess, i really hate goodbyes :'(
but then again, it's just for 5 months
i'm sure it'd pass by real fast
A little farewell gift :D

School work is really quite taxing
as i'm really out of my comfort zone working with 3D Maya rigging
as well as animating using photoshop
oh speaking of which I've been working on a character named Bruce!
concept art sketches
colour testing

It is really quite taxing as i've such little experience with animation
and now i have to animate a 4-legged animal
which is not easy at all
i'm struggling so badly with it.. urghhhh
i feel that my foundation is really weak
as i didn't really learn much about animation in year 2
which is why now i'm making so many mistakes now
really hope things will work out in the end!

Oh and i took oil painting class this semester as well!
i'm much more comfortable painting with acrylic and watercolour
but i really wanted to learn oil painting
as i've seen many amazing works done in oil which i really which to achieve as well!
anyway here's one piece that im quite pleased with
more to come!
on top of all that,
i have an upcoming collaboration for M.O.D.A's anniversary
have to complete another rather large painting before 29th september
ahhh so much work to do and i'm way behind schedule
gonna need a miracle, wish me luck!

and of course, a selfie :p

yupyup,that's all for now!
cheers ;)

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