Sunday, January 26, 2014

January is coming to an end already?!

Ah.. the second week of school has ended,
here's a little update on the courses that i'm taking this semester!
  1. 3D Character Animation II (freaking nightmare for me, i hate Maya)
  2. Animation Development and Preproduction
  3. 3D Modeling
  4. Digital Compositing (struggling as well)
  5. Watercolor Landscape Painting 
All of these courses are so time consuming!!
but on the bright side, i'd not be having any examinations this semester
plus they are all arts related, no more irrelevant courses WOOHOO!!
oh oh Chinese New Year is just around the corner!!
that means new clothes, good food and most importantly....
Thinking of doing some commissioned work as well
gonna be graduating soon and need a decent job
really hope to travel the world someday!
but all these need money, money money money
as much as i hate to put a price on my works
but this is reality, le sigh...

shall end off here with a clip of my school assignment (please don't judge)

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