Thursday, November 13, 2014

Woah a post with text?! finally!

Ahh.. been so lazy to type a post out.
Just a quick update, i'm currently in Year 4 of ADM animation
yes, year 4 and the first semester is already coming to an end.
sadly i don't feel that excited about my FYP but i'll still try my best to finish it!
i'm actually more excited about whats in store after I graduate
working on my portfolio now while trying to find some jobs to fund my grad trip!(hopefully it happens)

I really need to get my life back on track
too much thinking and not enough DOING!
something else really bugs me though, IPPT!
i swear it creeps up on you when you are unaware
really annoying thing to have on your mind.

well that's all from me for now
will post a more well thought out post soon
time to go paint some stuff!

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Anonymous said...

yay, nice hearing from you again! you should post more art and staff hahaha,your sketches are so awesome and nice to see