Thursday, November 13, 2008


check out this guy's photography.
super pro.

taken from

makes me damn inspired to do photography.
but no $$$ to do so pro like his.haha
so have to resort to borrowing camera~

haha im gonna try out photography right after my last A level paper!
damn excited aobut it.
im sure it will work out
with the help of all my friends :)

currently i have 10 male models.
and 4 female models.
all of them are beautiful people.
trust me :D A levels end on the 25th..cos of H3 art paper.
darn it.
nvm...shall perservere

i'm so gonna make full use of the pathetic 17 days holiday i have before NS.


btw,is anyone PRO at makeup?
cos i suck at it and i need advice on what to buy!
if you have spare makeup like foundation,
eyeliner and stuff like that,
could i borrow?
cos i won't be using alot :)
kinda expensive to buy the whole kit no?

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