Saturday, November 8, 2008


two years gone by so quickly
maybe it was due to the frequency of all the exams
that you don't realise time has passed
throughout these two years,
there were laughter,sadness,and more laughter
it was a short,yet sweet period of my life
Junior College was indeed a memorable experience
from orientation,until today where i'm sitting for the Alevels

there were people,
whom i hated
whom i loved
whom i cherished
they made such an impact in my life
and i've learnt so much from them

in life,there will be many people who are just transient guest
i've learnt that through experience
sometimes i wished things would never change
but its just me being naive
what can i say?
its all part of life i guess

wanna take this chance to thank all the wonderful girls in my class
(plus rudi of course)
you all have been such great classmates to me
haha even though i might be quite childish at times
you guys still put up with me,haha thanks
i feel real lucky now that i look back
and im really gonna miss you people..

hahas,but i believe that we will definitely meet again in the future won't we?
where ever we may be in the future,let's not forget each other alright :)
all the best for the remaining papers!

presenting to you...

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