Wednesday, November 5, 2008

wednesday nov5th

congrats obama.

went changi airport T3 with hrong this morning
had breakfast at the coffee connoisseur

it was nice :) not superb,but not bad hahas
then had strawberry ice cream.which looks nice.
but had a hard time eating it cos the decorations kept falling out..

we were rather astonished by their tea flask thingy LOL

never see before mah..

and you HAVE to try this.
SUPER nice.

my dad fell down and ended up in hospital on sunday night
but my mom and dad didnt alert me cos they scared it would affect my performance for Alevels..
im abit mad at them.
dont they know that their saftey is more important than my exams??..
thankfully daddy was alright :)


please don't call me Gabriel
i don't go by that name anymore
just use my real name
Yao Khuan


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