Wednesday, December 24, 2008

merry christmas


just came back from tekong
12 days of NS
i like it there
even though sometimes punishments are rather unbearable
but its still okay

i feel lucky to be located just on the second floor
while other platoons have to climb so many flights of steps
and our sergeants are strict,but really nice and caring

food there is not bad
and in NS everything is so schedueled
time is so precious

we have to wake up at around 5am in order to make it just in time
but it isnt a problem for me
just that some of the people from my platoon are just
dragging us down with them
haha but thats what NS is about anyway
you cant choose who you'd end up with in times of crisis
come what may :)

at night,
there were times where i started to miss everyone
back at home,at school,all my friends

but still,i like NS
it makes me feel like im constantly inproving myself
day by day

oh wells
merry christmas to all
and a happy new year too :)

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