Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year

spent new year's eve with nicole,freya,freya's bf,and brenda at east coast
we couldnt make it in time for the fireworks display buts its alright :)
to me,having people around you is more important :)

5 minutes before the fireworks,we saw a taxi driving along the passenger path,
and it scared alot of the people in the park,haha so desperate to see the fireworks

speaking of that,went to watch transporter 3 just now

not bad i thought,dunno why joseph think its lame

i like the army
dunno why people think so badly of it
the only thing i dont really like is that some people are just fucked up.
haha but thats life.
gonna have to cut my hair again before i book in

happy new year to everyone out there
hope you'll have a great year ahead!

HAPPY 2009!

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