Tuesday, September 21, 2010

things to do.HAVE TO DO!!

was looking through artworks and photography at deviantart.com today
arghhh they are all so good at digital drawing!
im amazed :)
got to buck up myself
loads of catching up to do
and NS kinda caused me to be stagnant
need to get into the environment
the Arts!

ive got myself a tablet a few months ago
and havent touched it ever since.
Im CLUELESS as to how to even start
or maybe im just not motivated
find that ive been very lethargic lately
have things to do but kept procastinating them
you know how artists have times whereby
they've absolutely no inspiration or mood to even lift the pencil?
yeah thats exactly how i felt!

im like reading this guide book about my camera,Nikon D90
have to brush up my technical skills in photography
the thing is,i'm interested in portraits
but i just don't want to attend courses and such
as i feel the technical part of photography would just kill my passion for it
just like how i refused to take art lessons when i was young
the way they would input whats the 'correct' way to drawing
it might have just hindered the upcoming of a great artist
or someone who is capable of much much more!
as einstein once said,
"The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education."

its rather frustrating with things going on in camp
last minute notices and with people refusing to cooperate
being extremely selfish and not considering the plight of others
they're everywhere in life
I've got to learn to accept this fact

here are a few things ive yet do to
#1 confirm the dates with the two models for photoshoot
#2 sketches for the photoshoot
#3 experimentation on the props im gonna use
#4 get a life

I know this blogpost is really disorganised
just wanted to pen down all my thoughts before i head off to bed


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