Friday, November 26, 2010


recieved a call this morning,
from a 3rd sergeant saying
"eh yaokhuan,wheres the safety driver? how come hes not here yet?"and immediately i called to ask for a replacement
and as expected not a single fucking soul was able to help
in the end they just pointed out a new pioneer to cover safety
and when i called the one that was supposed to do
he told me he forgot about it.

then the lieutenant called
asking the same bloody question
"does the driver knows hes supposed to come down??where is he?"
the PT starts at 8am,
and it was already 8:15am

just when i thought everything was over
at 10am i recieved a call from the lieutenant
"whats the name of the driver that was supposed to be down?"
"as the OIC(overall in charge) shouldn't you ensure that this kinda thing doesn't happen?"
"whats his name?"
"you and him come and see me in my office on monday,if not i will report this matter to your superior"

im so fucking pissed off right now
what the fuck am i?
some babysitter for a whole group thats even older than me??
what the fuck,how old are we already?!
im sure they're old enough to take responsibility of themselves
my mom was sick the previous day,
so i spent my whole day helping out at the stall
and what,
you expect me to call every single fucking soul
ensure that they know what they have to do the next day
if not they will have not a fucking idea what they're duty is??
we've been doing this every single day of our lives for more than a year now!
and the saddest part is,
i always thought well of this lieutenant
i thought he was a nice guy
well not anymore.

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