Sunday, November 28, 2010


went to Orchard with cheehern today
really shocked by how much it has changed since i last came here!
due to the lack of time
i was absolutely under-dressed for town,
haha just jeans and a polo tee
didnt bother much about how i looked

was kinda looking around for a round-neck long-sleeved shirt
haha and i happen to see one v-neck one in Uniqlo
however,it was the last piece,and it was on the mannequin!
the staff helped me stripped the mannequin off its clothes
hahaha i was so paiseh la!
felt so desperate.
plus the best part was i didnt even buy that shirt.
lol,but i did get myself a black sweat shirt
and i like it very much :D

we then had dinner at some chinese restaurant
it was easy to get in as it was just the two of us
managed to skip past the whole queue ahead of us :D

after which,we head on down to the Heeren
it was not even 10pm
yet many of the shops were closing already
business ain't that good for them i guess
not even on a weekend

bought a shirt from Culture Coalition
that cost me $40.
but to me
id rather buy a shirt that is costly
and wear it
instead of many cheap shirts that i don't wear..

spent quite alot today
gonna rest now
still have to return back to that sad old place tomorrow morning

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