Monday, November 29, 2010

OIC portrait day!!

Its here again!
the OIC portrait drawing day
for people who like to draw,or be drawn!
do come on down to the red dot museum
its $10 to register as a "drawer"
Saturday,4 Dec 2010,2:00pm to 7:00pm

besides this,there are stalls that sell art and crafts
and also some exhibits on display!
do come and take a look :D

for more info
go to this webby!

to register online(must for the artists)

hope to see you guys there!! :D

oh remember the $40 shirt i bought on saturday?
well here it is!
haha i always liked this "ah beng" kinda shirt
now ive finally got one for myself XD

on magic off now,till next friday!
where i'll be collecting my pink IC (fugly photo)

oh btw,i just started on a new painting,
haha heres a sneak peek

painting portraits using watercolour
is so much harder than i thought!

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