Wednesday, January 12, 2011

bahhh annoying

I hate it when i let myself get so angry over stupid people like my elder brother
i hate the fact that i can't do anything about
im not the type that will shout back at someone
im not the kind of person that "does-not-care-that-his-dad-is-sleeping-and-by-shouting-so-loud-would-just-wake-him-up",no im not.
so as a result,i just bottle up all that angst and try ways to release all that anger
and i end up complaining to others
and i end up making myself seem so whiny and full of complaints
adding problems to people who already have problems of their own.
i hate all these shit.
please stop being such an asshole

gonna do a small photoshoot with alphonsus and eleen this saturday!
looking forward to it =D
just trying some stuff out
hope i can pull it off!

yay my fringe is growing =D

"hey,im know id probably said this a thousand times but
im sorry to bother you with all these..
its just that you're the only person in this world that i could find comfort in
i hope you understand..and i miss you "

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