Monday, January 10, 2011

Botanical Gardens!

went to botanical gardens with my photography buddy,nuh!

my sad paper bag collapsed and all the coins i had inside came pouring out
thankfully he brought a bag =D
haha its time i get a pouch/wallet

aniw the weather was sooo cooling
it drizzled now and then
but i brought an umbrella so it didn't stop us
we didn't enter the orchid garden cause you had to pay to get in
and we didn't wanna pay XD
but yeah i wanted to show him the "cool garden" they had inside
the one with lotsa mist

but nevertheless,
we still got some pretty nice pictures =)
oo we spotted these two swans that were grooming themselves
one of them actually fell asleep while grooming hahaha
they were totally unaffected by humans going so near them
probably used to it by now

nuh at work =)

spotted this "mini forest" growing on the rocks
thought it looked kinda pretty =)

after which,we head on down to takashimaya to have dinner
KFC!! haven't had that in ages =D
walked around ArtFriend and Kinokuniya
saw some awesome artworks in the books
so inpsiring =D
gonna work on my own painting too!!

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