Monday, January 17, 2011

the trip to Jurong Hill!

took the MRT from pasir ris all the way to pioneer MRT station,
THATS 28 stations hello!
haha nuh and I walked around the industrial areas of jurong
with our trusty DSLRs
we set off on our little adventure

we had a good start
there were mushrooms lined all across the path
they are called "fairy wing mushrooms"
supposedly they'd grow to form a circle naturally
amazing huh!
*photo taken by nuh*

they kinda looked like eggs to me
*photo taken by nuh*

even crossing beneath an MRT track
they had these lovely trees

we had to make a detour as there were guard dogs with the gates open,
how irresponsible! there were 5-6 of them!
but it led us to this overhead bridge across the expressway
with a lovely view =)

on our way,we came across this canal which looked awesome!
hahaha we spent quite awhile taking pictures there

the climb up to jurong hill wasnt as bad as we thought itd be
ooh the view up there was awesome
especially when all lights came on
could even see the CBD area from up there!
*photo taken by nuh*

*photo taken by nuh*

all in all,
had a very fruitful day
can't wait for the next mini adventure!

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