Monday, January 17, 2011

Photoshoot: Alphonsus & Eleen

had a photoshoot with Alhponsus and Eleen on saturday
both of them came to my place at around 8:40am!
haha spent like around an hour applying makeup on eleen
MAN i never knew makeup was so troublesome!
i should've just used two guys HAHA
after several hours later
we finally completed the shoot
with loads of black paint all over
haha what a mess it was!
love the photos though :D
heres some of them

haha the idea behind this shoot is like shes kinda psychotic and loves him so much that shes never gonna let him go...someeething like that

both of them were so enthusiastic in helping me out
haha im sooooooo happy :D
oh oh heres eleen teaching us how to make a super ugly face
HAHA its damn funny!!

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