Sunday, March 27, 2011


went to meet up with jeric and friends for dinner at Aston's
haha it was just mad hilarious listening to their conversation
Valerie's imitation of others was so so soooo amusing and funny
havent laughed this hard in awhile already!

after which we went clubbing together
played 猜拳 for the first time,
and i was so SO bad at it
kept losing cause my reaction was retarded.
drank too fast and ended up quite drunk.
can't hold my liquor well lol
to sober up,jeric suggested we play siccors,paper,stone,
but the loser will have their hand slapped by the winner
IT WAS CRAZY PAINFUL!!wtf jeric was merciless
hahaha but it was so much fun :D
haha seriously,what a night!

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