Monday, March 28, 2011


took my basic theory test this afternoon at 2pm,
while waiting outside,
everyone else was still holding on to their theory books,
everyone except me.
haha that made me kinda nervous,
cause i didnt study much till yesterday night
last minute hug buddha's leg!
reading messages on my phone made me calm down :)

when it was time to begin the test,
the person sitting to my left went to press "end test" even before he answered any question.
and the invgilator said "thats it,cannot reset have to wait for the next test.who ask you anyhow press"
i felt so sorry for him!
but i have to admit,it was kinda funny

was the fastest to finish the test
haha 47/50.would love to know where i went wrong though.
but they never say.
oh wells!

Final Theory Test here i come!!

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