Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!

First of all,HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!

stayed up till 3am last night watching the election news
and had to wake up at 7am today to finish up on some simple stuff.

after which i went to meet up with Nuh to go shopping~
we stopped at this stall at Suntec City,
Waffles Place Cottage,never tried it before
but we just felt like having ice cream with waffles! heh

i think the food was not bad,
we had 2 drinks,waffles,5 scoops of ice cream,a chocolate fondue and some marshmellows.
we even ordered Crispy Cheese Fries!
haha felt so full after that,
we then went to sit and chat at the sky garden,

felt so sleepy after eating..

oh oh
bought myself a new iphone cover!!

i think it looks nice :D
even when ive no idea what those korean words means.

made my way to Newton Circus Food Centre where my dad's stall is at
Dad was busy preparing dinner for us

every dish was so so so so awesome!!!
taste was splendid
especially the lobsters
it was ooh sst sst SHIOK AH!
haha so awesome to have a chef for a dad :D


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