Saturday, May 7, 2011


i did a super bimbotic thing yesterday.
went bugis to look for clothes
spotted one that i really liked
tried it on and decided to buy it,then i asked for a new piece.
brought it home without looking at it properly

at home,i took it out to try it on
even took a picture with it.

then i suddenly realise
"hey it isnt the right colour,the one i recalled was brown!the staff must have gave me the wrong piece."

thus the first thing this afternoon,
i went back to the same shop at bugis junction
saw the piece that was on the mannequin yesterday
it was the same design as the one i tried on
and it looked brown only because of the lighting.
....felt so stupid.
but nevertheless,i still like my new shirt!

Went to watch Thor :D

it had really awesome graphics,
reminded me of warcraft cinematics.
loved it alot,but the plot was rather predictable
hmm hmm

after which i made my way to Sylvester's place for his 21st
what a nice cake decorated by his mom

so sweet right!
really enjoyed being around my friends
its like all my troubles just went away :)

Happy 21st Birthday Sylvester!!

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