Monday, June 27, 2011


Met up with my JC classmates at East Coast Park
Woah the cab fare from Pasir Ris Mrt to there cost $12!
Only YingXi,Rudi,Dorcas,Caifeng,Nadiah and Avril were able to make it.
Despite the poor turn up,we still enjoyed ourselves!
Caifeng and I both rented rollerblades :D

its much more fun to rollerblade at East Coast Park
as the path is leveled and the distance is longer
compared to Pasir Ris Park.
Might consider getting a pair of rollerblades for myself
renting a pair at $10 per hour is really expensive!

We then went took bus 48 to Dohby Ghaut to eat tau huey
before going to MindCafe at Prinsep Street.
It was my first time going there,
quite a nice place to spend some time with your friends
we played Bang!,Saboteurs,Iknow! and First Hand

Bang! was wayyy too complicated and we were all confused as to what to do
Iknow! and First Hand was much simpler and more interactive,
my kind of game hahahaha

It was such a long time since i last saw them
2years at least!
haha it was a little awkward at first,
but we managed to break the ice and had a great time :D
Thanks YingXi for organising,
hope the turn up would be bigger the next time round!

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