Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hi,can i have mashed potatoes with cold sores please?

Went for a haircut at my neighbourhood salon :)
after which i went out to meet Nuh to go shopping!
haha taking a break from painting
and i really wanted to get myself a necklace :D

Had lunch at Fish&Co :)
i always order the Swiss Fish&Chips,

its super yummy!
ohhh and i had the cravings for sushi!!!!

i love sushi,especially unagi,seasoned octopus and the sweet beancurd skin!!

We then headed to Bugis Street in search for a nice necklace
but couldnt find one that i liked :(
went to a shop at Illuma where they had these shirts with very creative and cute prints selling at 3 for $45!
but the cutting of the shirt didn't look good on me,thus i gave it a miss.
We then went to 77th Street to try our luck
and yes! i found the chain that i liked :D
and i had my ring customized to have my name printed on it

acting cool with my new chain :p

haha oh Nuh was having cold sores on his face
i kept making fun of him
cause it sounded like coleslaw :p
"mashed potatoes with cold sores please"


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