Sunday, July 3, 2011

THE Letter

went to have lunch with Nuh at Strictly Pancakes today
its located at Prinsep Street :D
i ordered "Snuggle Up"

which is sausage wrapped up in pancakes
and there were mashed peas at the side
topped it with Garlic&Herb butter
and drizzled maple syrup all over it
it was nice!!!
loved it heehee
definitely going back next time!

we then went to catch Transformers 3 at The Cathay

It was a nice movie,plenty of cool effects and stuff
but the most amazing thing about Transformers 3was how
Rosie Huntington Whiteley made it through the whole battlefield
without a single scratch,clothes still clean,hair and makeup on
and best of all,
in heels!


Aniw when i got home
Opened up my letter box,
amongst the pile of bills and advertisments
there it was..


woohoo finally the long awaited
ADM Freshmen Orientation Camp registration form is here!!
hahaha i love the packaging of the letter,
brought a BIGGG smile to my face :D

they even have a website made just for that!
hahaha can't wait!!

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