Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hello July!

Had dinner with my family to celebrate my sister's birthday
which coincidentally is also my parents' wedding 30th anniversary!
We went to our nearby neighbourhood hawker centre to have seafood :D

my parents had a quarrel :(
well my dad is the kind of 大男人
he doesn't really see how simple things and gestures
could mean alot to my mom
thus we had to step in
im glad things got better in the end :D

Had my passport renewed and
had to make my way down to ICA building to collect it.
While i was on the train,i got bored and
i saw this puddle of water that came from my wet umbrella
thus i took my umbrella and started doodling
haha can you tell what it is?

haha oh i might be going Taiwan during the end of this month
thats why i had to quickly had my passport renewed
oh and ADM freshmen orientation camp is this month too!
how exciting!

my friend got me hooked to this Iphone game,
Solomon's Keep

its basically a RPG game where you go about blasting skeletons and zombies
its quite brainless but fun :D
its free download btw

Ahh i love RPG games :)

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