Sunday, March 11, 2012

my pre birthday celebration!! :D

met up with Jun Hao to go swimming!
after which we went to Tampines for a walk!
revisited Toys"R"Us and we both agreed how lucky kids are nowadays
the huge array of toys for them to play with
we decided to have a little fun of our own too! :D
i think the wolverine mask suites him very well,don't you think so too? ;D

I then made my way to IKOI at Miramar Hotel
to have Japanese buffet with Shane and Juu!
love the cosy atmosphere,heehee
and thankfully for us we had quite good seats :D

was camwhoring while waiting for them to arrive hahahaha

time to dig in :D

we were eating edamame (peas) and our peas kept flying out at Juu
hahahaha it was hilarious!!!
oh and these were some of the dishes we ordered!
the food was so yummy!!
and the sashimi was very fresh!!
defintely worth the price :)

Satisfied customers! :))

After that sumptuous meal,
we played around with the polaroid camera i brought!
hahahaha i didn't realise that the camera was ready
and thus this first picture HAHAHAHA

HAHAHA failed attempt to join in LOLOLOL

the most decent photo of us 3,
cause it was taken with the help of someone else hahahahahaha XD

Had an AWESOME day!!
thank you Jun Hao,Juu and Shane!!
Oh and check out what i got!
BIGBANG mug!!!
super love it wahahahaha
now i can drink and admire my idol everyday :D :D :D

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