Sunday, March 11, 2012

will he be there?

Feeling pretty down today...
dad hasn't been feeling well lately,
his gastric pain is getting worse and more frequent
and theres nothing much i can do to help him..
then a thought came to my mind
what if something bad happens to him
will he be there for my graduation?
will he be there when i recieve my first pay?
will he be there at my wedding?
will he be there when i have my first child?
will he be there to cook for them the way he did for me?
will he be there when they learn to talk?
will he be there to bring them to the zoo,like how he always brought me?

My 22nd birthday is just a few days away
and my biggest wish and only wish
is that he'd be there for my many birthdays to come
and i know he will be there
cause im his favourite child
and he knows i love him too

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