Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy 23rd Birthday to Me!

Birthday Dinner with my family!
Felt like Chinese New Year round 2 hahaha

Korean BBQ buffet!! yummyyyy 

My 23rd birthday was such a pleasant surprise for me!
initially i thought i'd just be having a very mundane birthday cake
and the day will just pass me by like every other day.. #foreveralone

But to my surprise My future in laws treated my family for dinner!
and my sister and her BF bought this fruit tart/cake for me!
the plastic knife they provided broke due to the crust hahaha
had such a nice dinner with my family
the look of happiness on my parents' faces
if only they could be happy for me as well
oh wells, fat hope haha.

On my birthday itself I went out with Stanley
to the Korean BBQ buffet at Tampines1!
Although the variety isn't much but the quality is definitely there!
My favorite would be the bacon, so yummy but so sinful
thus i had to limit myself ><
nevertheless the food was really yummy!
would recommend it if you're a meat lover

And also not forgetting the Birthday wishes from all my friends
ahhh so much love :D Thank you all!!
oh oh and i'd be going out with Shane, Juu and Pengfong this saturday for dinner!
after our horrible mid terms tomorrow = =
Can't wait!

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